Tekna, il tuo freddo su Misura!

Refrigerated showcases for Ice Cream


ach Tekna refrigerated display case offers ideal solutions for the preservation and display of ice cream products.

Depending on habits, use and practicality, the master ice cream maker can choose, at the time of purchase, the type of refrigeration that he believes best:
· Static negative -15 / -25 ° C with manual defrost, or
· Negative ventilated + 5 / -25 ° C with automatic defrost, or
· Combined solutions.

For each model it is possible to choose how many and which glass sides; the windows for negative temperatures are triple low-emissivity glass and double chamber with inert gas and anti-condensation resistance.

For warmer climates, the tropicalization option is also available and, for those who need it, all Tekna display cases can be supplied with remote motor or H2O condensation.

Custom finishes and finishes – Door Glass No Fog – Fan regulator

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