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Products Lines

Tekna Line represents the union of technology, design and functionality applied to food preservation.
The study of the characteristics, and the different needs of food preservation, has led to the birth of our new lines of showcases and cold rooms organized by type of products and new logos.
We present you with Meat Line, Cheese Line, Pastry Line, Ice Cream Line, Wine Line, Salumi Line plus the Tekna Lab line for all storage needs in the bio-medical field.


Since 1990 Tekna Line has committed to satisfy every type of refrigeration requirement.
Many of our products are also moulded around larger spaces such as supermarkets and malls. The Design Lines are, instead, perfectly combined with the interior comfort of smaller activities such as pubs, restaurants and bistros.
Likewise, the essential refrigerated showcases are best functional for the limited spaces, while the most technologically advanced showcases, are perfectly suited to the needs of food laboratories and professional kitchens.
Our custom made solutions are Teknas’ real flagships, compleating every personalization our customers need.

Products series

Tekna Line Series are divided into Standards where it is possible to find every type of basic product, the new Evo Series that combines performance, design, efficiency and eco-compatibility and the Wall Line Series, which includes wall-mounted cold rooms.

Standard Serie

With more than 100 models on the list, the “Glassy” line is the most complete on the market.


EVO Serie

The new line of showcases for pastry and ice cream proposed by Tekna


Wall Line

Tekna Line hanging refrigerated display cases designed to solve space problems.


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